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We at HERWIT have been planning, permitting, designing and constructing water and wastewater treatment plants and conveyance systems for nearly 15 years. We have extensive project design and management experience in all aspects of water and wastewater projects, delivering the design of complete plants from 1 mgd to over 80 mgd. Our combination of civil / sanitary and mechanical backgrounds allows us to design all aspects of treatment plants and conveyance systems. We have visited other countries on multiple occasions including Germany, Austria, and Canada to investigate new ideas in process treatment and equipment for water and wastewater treatment.  This continuing research into different treatment processes allows us to propose multiple solutions to meet your project requirements and then to work with you to pick the process that best fits your specific needs.  We do not offer pre-canned solutions for our projects.

Simply stated, we were the technical experts at larger engineering firms.  We designed, managed, and delivered their projects.  This technical experience coupled with our commitment to client service allows us to deliver projects that will meet your needs with a high level of satisfaction.  We encourage you to take a look through some of our specific areas of expertise on the following pages and in the presentations uploaded for your convenience.



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