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The Partners and Engineers at HERWIT have extensive experience in planning and designing treatment processes for municipal biosolids in conformance with 40 CFR 503 regulations for both Class B and Class A bioslids.  This includes the following sludge stabilization systems:

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  • Aerobic digesters

  • Conventional anaerobic digesters

  • Egg Shaped anaerobic digesters

  • Sludge lagoons

  • Active and passive solar drying systems

  • Lime treatment systems 

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For solids removal systems, this includes the planning and design of:
  • Primary clarifiers

  • Secondary clarifiers

  • Dissolved Air Floatation Thickeners

  • Gravity Belt Thickeners

  • Belt Presses

  • Centrifuges


HERWIT designs are comprehensive and include all ancillary facilities such as:
  • Digester heating systems (hot water and steam)

  • Digester mixing systems

  • Gas handling systems

  • Gas storage systems

  • Gas flare systems

  • Electrical cogeneration systems

  • Control buildings

  • Conveyor and sludge cake pumping systems

  • Sludge silos

  • Truck loading stations


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HERWIT has investigated proven solids handling systems in Germany and Austria and routinely investigates a variety of solids processing and handling solutions for each project to select the technology that best suites our client’s budget, operational, and staffing needs.


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