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HERWIT Engineering has been investigating and designing active solar drying systems utilizing the Parkson technology for more than 2- years.  We have integrated this technology in the United States to meet the solids handling goals of our clients.  We have designed the only Active Solar Drying Facilities based on this technology in the State of California including the integration of local and national building codes.


Our Designs Include:

  • Year-round Class A Biosolids
  • Low Chemical Usage
  • Low Energy Usage
  • Low Manpower Requirements
  • 75% Solids or Higher
  • Extensive Operational Flexibility
  • Cost Effective Designs
 HERWIT Engineering has visited multiple installations of this technology in Europe and the United States.  This extensive research into actual operating conditions and operational flexibility allows us to customize this technology to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.   We are the experts on the application of this technology and 

are the only engineering firm to design multiple ins tallations in the United States.  HERWIT Engineering can provide complete services from solids master planning through facilities design and construction support for your facilities.



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