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The Partners and engineers at Herwit have authored numerous papers and made presentations at both national and local wastewater conferences on proper aeration design.  Mr. Harris has been consulted by other engineering firms and blower equipment manufacturers on new integration techniques for aeration blowers, control valves, and control systems. gh10033.jpg (425808 bytes)
P4050016.JPG (459754 bytes)  Mr. Harris also developed a new techniques for controlling air flow called the “Fixed Most Open Valve” control system for larger aeration systems.  This system allows the lowest energy use possible while eliminating the hunting and instability issues of other most open valve control systems. 

Mr. Harris has had his Aeration Control system published in the National Water Environment Technology magazine

Together, Mr. Harris and Mr. Gardner have planned and or designed  multi stage, positive displacement, and single stage turbo blowers and control systems for over 100 mgd of aeration systems.

Herwit was the first Engineering firm to evaluate the application of variable speed magnetic couplings for aeration blower systems.

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gh10048.jpg (644930 bytes)   Presentations:
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